Welcome to Vermont’s last frontier…


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the Northeast Kingdom (Orleans, Essex, and Caledonia Counties).  It’s no wonder some people simply refer to our region of the state as God’s country. Everywhere you look you see natural beauty at its best, from the countless bodies of water, to the rolling green mountains. It is a site to behold.


However, life isn’t always easy here. The weather is less than ideal, and the economy often lags behind the rest of the state. Despite this, most of the people of the Northeast Kingdom have adapted well over the generations – mostly through that totally unique Vermont-style wit but a dry humor that catches one totally off guard, a humor that is more than amusing; it also tells a message. They are a welcoming lot who enjoy sharing their history and culture with the thousands of visitors who travel to the Northeast Kingdom from around the world each year.


We at the Northland Journal take great  pride in our rural corner of the world. Most of all we take pride in the history of the region and the people who made it what it is today. The mission of this monthly magazine is to share and preserve the history of Vermont’s Northeast Kingdom through the memories and stories of the people who lived it. Each issue of the Journal is also filled with photos of the Kingdom from an earlier time.


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